Know Alexander Damash

This is my attempt in writing something humourous, if not humungous. Alexander Damash is a fictional character whose answers to questions in exams are far from the truth and very close to fun. 

Alexander born on July 01(referred as International Joke Day) is a person who listens to the heart more than brain. He believes more in knowledge from within and looks inward for answers than outward. His profound wisdom is sure to confound everyone. His father was a fan of Alexander Dumas and gave him his first name. But due to his untiring efforts, Alexander has earned the name Damash. While exams remain nightmare for students, correcting the answer sheets of Alexander is the worst nightmare for his teachers. 

I shall try to present his answer sheets starting from his VIII grade and I sincerely hope this tryst with humour wins your laughter rolls rather than lightning trolls.